Clarinet Altissimo Part IV: Octave Studies

In addition to providing a way to refine and extend the tone and technique in the altissimo register, octave exercises are excellent for increasing student proficiency in a number of other areas:

1) Creating smooth transfer over large intervals

2) Establishing accurate pitch discernment in all registers (intonation)

3) Reinforcement of the proper mechanical approach in all registers.

Students should start with one-octave exercises in the middle and low registers. Make sure to use a variety of articulations, rhythms, and dynamics, and work for a consistent and focused tone. It is also highly recommended that students use a tuner while performing octave exercises so that they become keenly aware of pitch tendencies. As beginning students are able, octave studies should be extended to at least C4 (High C above the staff). 


Exercise I: One Octave

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 2.38.44 AM.png


Exercise II: Two Octaves

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 2.40.21 AM.png


It is important to alternate the starting position of these exercises. Students frequently have more difficulty starting on the upper note.


Exercise III: Two Octave Altered



Exercise IV: Three Octaves



Exercise V: Three Octaves - Altered